Out of [Storm] Season

So, our climate seems to be a bit confused this year.  We had little to no actual storm season over 2015/16, and now suddenly the weather seems to have remembered that there was something it should have done, and slung us a couple of nearly-East Coast Lows to tide us over…

Currently the models for the coming weekend are showing potential flooding, isolated storms and heavy rainfall for a lot of QLD and NSW.  Following the similar weekend we had a couple of weeks back, this might mean that our industry is busy again over the weekend, helping customers to make their properties safe and preventing further damage, and reporting to our clients on potential quantum of losses.

This means that there will be people who suffer loss, of course, which is never a happy experience.  There is not much we can do to mitigate these, but we can encourage homeowners to ensure that their gutters are clear, any branches and debris is cleared away, and that drains are clear to allow as much runoff as possible.

Other than that, it’s a case of crossing fingers and remembering to call insurers to report damage ASAP so that this may be minimised and help is sought to return to normal as quickly as possible.