Once repairs have been authorised:

  • BRC contacts the Insured to introduce themselves and advise we are the authorised builder managing their repairs and to arrange commencement and estimated completion dates (subject to materials, weather conditions, etc.).
  • BRC schedules Trades as necessary, and communicates dates and times to Customer and Client.
  • Works commence – a Supervisor is allocated to ensure quality and smooth progress.
  • BRC stays in regular contact with Customer, including first day of work, before and after each Trade, throughout the entire process.
  • Any changes or issues to schedule (such as delays in external painting due to rain) are communicated to the Customer as soon as they are identified by BRC and the Supervisor. We will also notify the Client of any changes to the schedule by phone and email.
  • If there is any unforeseen damage discovered during the repairs the BRC will notify the Client to discuss and if required a variation submitted for consideration.
  • Once the variation decision has been determined the repairs can resume.
  • During the repairs process we require each Trade to supply us with their safety forms completed and a Customer satisfaction certificate signed to confirm that they are satisfied with the repairs to date. This ensures that if any issues are raised, they are successfully and rapidly resolved.
  • Repairs complete – BRC contacts Customer for final Customer satisfaction check with Supervisor.
  • Once Customer is completely satisfied the BRC will notify the Client by phone and email/upload the signed documents including photos of the finished repairs to the Client.
  • The accounts department is then notified to confirm that the repairs are complete and they can now invoice the Client.


Assessments and Estimates:

  • Causation and damage
  • Detailed Scope of works and reports of event damage
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Major works

Specialist Reports:

  • Roof reports
  • Plumbing/Leak Detection Reports
  • Asbestos Reports
  • Electrical Reporting
  • Maintenance Reports


Our aim is to have our estimator attend site within 3-5 days of reported loss, to identify cause and any additional issues, and to provide a report to the insurer within 3-5 business days of visiting site to ensure rapid claim reporting for authorisation or declinature.

  1. Claim allocated to AIR
  2. Estimator attends site
  3. Quote Report provided to client
  4. Client authorisation or declinature
  5. Close job if declined or move to Repairs Process if authorised
  • Estimates <$20,000 are submitted within 48 hours
  • Estimates $20,000 – $50,000 are submitted within 72 hours
  • Estimates for large quantum (>$50,000) are submitted within timescales agreed upon with clients

Request a Quote

Please use the form below to request a quotation or additional information on maintenance or repairs. Your contact information will be forwarded to our office and we will contact you within 1 business day.

Pay Excess

Generally most insurance policies have an excess. In most cases the Insurance Company will request the insured to pay the excess directly to the authorized builder. Once the excess has been collected by us or paid directly to the Insurance Company and confirmation forwarded through – trades can be scheduled to begin the repairs.

Pay Your Excess Today

Repairs & Restoration

All repairs are completed to the highest standard, and completion certificates are issued and collected after each stage of repairs. This ensures customer satisfaction at every step throughout the repairs process.


At AIR we pride ourselves on quality and to ensure our high standards are being consistently met our professional trade’s people ask the insureds to sign a completion certificate at the completion of each stage of repairs. This allows us to monitor quality, repair timeframes and to resolve any issues as they happen ensuring a positive outcome for everyone involved.